Brott's Beard Care 'Cinnamon Vanilla' Beard Balm

Review: Brott’s Beard Care ‘Cinnamon Vanilla’ Beard Balm

The balm is easy to work with and kept my beard looking neat and tidy and it also kept my beard feeling good and to me that’s important, like most of you I spend a fair amount of time fiddling with my beard and there’s nothing worse than when itself dry or even unnatural due to product

Scruff Stuff 'Morning Wood' Beard Oil

Review: Scruff Stuff ‘Morning Wood’ Beard Oil

Even before I open the screw cap on a Scruff Stuff oil, I already know that its going to smell amazing because James has a real talent for blending the essential oils for his beard oils and that’s the reason that Scruff Stuff has such a large following