Ethical Beard Care

Ethical beard care by Mike Thompson, owner of Manmane

Ethical beard care by Mike Thompson, owner of Manmane I asked Mike owner and creator of Manmane who are based in Wales to write a guest post about Vegan beard care as his brand is vegan friendly. I have reviewed several Manmane products and I awarded the Manmane ‘Jardin Du Monde’ Beard Oil the ‘Golden Beard […]

Manmane 'Citrus Grove' Beard Balm

Review: Manmane ‘Citrus Grove’ Beard Balm

Review of Manmane ‘Citrus Grove’ Beard Balm. A vegan friendly beard care product made in the UK that has been safety assessed for sale in the UK. The Manmane ‘Citrus Grove’ Beard Balm comes in a 60g tin and costs £15. You can read more about Safety assessments for beard care here You can keep up to date […]

Mike Thompson Manmane

Who is behind the brand? Manmane

Name: Mike Thompson Age: 49 years young Brand name: Manmane Where do you live? Gower, Swansea Why did you choose that name for your brand? Because it tells people what we do.. very simply and I like one word identity. When did you first start making beard care products? 2013… started selling 2015 What is […]

Manmane 'Jardin Du Monde' Beard Oil

Review: Manmane ‘Jardin Du Monde’ Beard Oil

I had hoped that Manmane ‘Jardin Du Monde’ Beard Oil was going to be a good one, I was wrong….. It’s bloody amazing! The scent is created by blending Grapefruit, May Chang, Ylang Ylang extra , Geranium rose and Lavender True. This has created a floral scent with a slight citrus background. We associate floral […]

Manmane 'Arctic Gale' Beard Oil

Review: Manmane ‘Arctic Gale’ Beard Oil

Manmane ‘Arctic Gale’ Beard Oil has a slightly thicker than usual consistency and an incredible fresh scent. The Manmane beard oil has a golden colour and a slightly thicker than usual consistency and I actually prefer a thicker beard oil. The base is made up using Castor oil, Sweet almond oil, Jojoba oil, Avocado oil, […]

ManMane 'The Zesty One' Moustache Wax

Review: Manmane ‘The Zesty One’ Moustache Wax

Something that I didn’t even consider about beard care products is that some guys may want Vegan friendly products. As a Non vegan I didn’t realise that using Beeswax was a no, however it is a big no and it’s hard to get hold of Vegan friendly Beard care products! And so Mike set about […]