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Sourcing CBD oil in the UK

I have been looking at Sourcing CBD oil in the UK.

Last year a friend sent me five 10ml bottles of Melon flavoured CBD oil and a vape, I hadn’t tried CBD for the pain but wow it helped so much.

I am in pain all day everyday and meds help but not totally. The CBD first off helped me to relax, it also helped me to deal with the pain and it helped me sleep. I have never smoked before, I used the vape at 24.0 watts and 230°c which is the recommended temperature to vape CBD at. I expected to be coughing and spluttering as I haven’t smoked but it was very smooth and no problems.

The supply started to run out and so I contacted the seller of the oil, it was called Liquid Life but a return email said that he had ceased trading! I actually almost started to panic, what was I going to do and so I took to the good old www and searched.

It was very confusing, I knew I needed CBD in an E-Liquid, but there was so many options and a wide range of prices from reasonable to “bloody hell how much?”. Also there are some sellers out there who just want to make a quick profit and they supply inferior oil and some contain hardly any CBD. I used the Cannabis Trades Association UK website to look for trustworthy sellers.

Cannabis Trades Association UK

It is important to make sure that the product is what it says it is, many of us who are needing the CBD oil for health conditions are unable to work and so it’s a costly purchase. So use the Cannabis Trades Association UK website to find a seller who is gong to sell you a product that will work.

Canavape logo

A company called Canavape was recommended by many people and so I placed an order. I knew I wanted a flavoured oil, I have heard that the unflavoured can be unpleasant. I bought a 200mg oil in 20ml called Grape Escape and selected the free postage and it came to £31.99.

Canavape CBD Oil

The oil turned up the next day by courier and I haven’t opened it but the scent is still strong and it smells amazing.

So over a year later and I have now tried a few brands that sell CBD oil and at this point I highly recommend Canavape, the products work which is obviously what you want. I had someone say they had tried CBD oil and it didn’t help them and as soon as they tried the Canavape oil, they had instant relief!

Couple that with some amazing scents/flavours and you have a great product.

Today my pain levels shot up and I thought I was in trouble, but a few puffs on the vape with Canavape Vanilla Custard 400mg CBD 40mg CBG oil and pain levels have dropped and I feel more relaxed!!


4 thoughts on “Sourcing CBD oil in the UK

  1. In general I think it’s good to source from local shops instead of looking online. Not everyone on the internet is a scammer of course, but no scammer is going to go to the trouble of opening a physical location. Plus it’s nice to support local businesses, and you get “same day delivery” 😛

  2. Hi zec just wondering which vape machine your using,I’m dipping my toes in vaping cbd and want one decent but which wont break the bank

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