'Blackbeard' Beard Oil

Review of ‘Blackbeard’ Beard Oil from Sea Dog & Sea Maiden

After reviewing ‘Orphic’ beard oil from Sea Dog & Sea Maiden, I then moved on to their ‘Blackbeard’ Beard oil and I have to admit that my initial judgement was proven to be wrong!

'Blackbeard' Beard Oil

I have reviewed a fair few oils and balms that have had a name that is to do with Pirates and they have all had a bay rum scent, I like many others get the scent of clove from West Indies Bay and I really am not a clove fan.

However I test the products and so I have to put up with it, however this oil was a pleasant surprise! I dispensed some oil into my palm and rubbed my hands together to warm the oil and fully bring out the scent of the essential  oils and I got a warm sweet scent with a slight spiciness and a hint of vanilla.

‘Blackbeard’ from Sea Dog & Sea Maiden contains A base of Sweet Almond, Jojoba, Vitamin E carrier oils and Bergamot Orange, Myrrh, Citral and limonene. So this oil is very unlike the other Pirate named oils. It’s a very gentle smelling oil and I was pleased that I didn’t have that clove scent. ‘Blackbeard’ is a light oil and yet it gave my beard a really good hold and it felt soft.

The oil comes in a 10ml glass bottle with a dripper and costs £5 or two for £8.50 from the website and they also sell

El Draque  Beard Oil – a warm and spicy blend

Hornigold Beard Oil – a fresh sweet mint scent

Prince of Pirates Beard Oil – a warm and spicy cinnamon aroma

Thalassa Beard Oil – a fresh scent reminiscent of a sea breeze

Orphic Beard Oil – a fresh and fruity scent, hints of lavender, orange and spearmint.

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