Merry Band Beard Oil 'Bold & Crisp'

Review: Merry Band Beard Oil ‘Bold & Crisp’

Occasionally along comes something special, a product that leaves you wanting to shout about it to every bearded guy. That is exactly what Merry Band Beard Oil ‘Bold & Crisp’ is, you can just tell almost straight away and my beard has felt amazing for the for the past three days. So I guess it’s no surprise that I’m giving this the Gold Cup Award. Merry Band Beard Oil ‘Bold & Crisp’ is, well it’s literally that, it is bold and crisp! The website says […]


How Bad Diet Affects Your Overall Health

Junk food, salty meals, sugary drinks and other bad food choices weaken your immune system, make you overweight, depressed and unhealthy. However, the solution is hard to reach – you have to change your dietary regime and introduce a number of changes into your everyday schedule. Here are a few facts that might help you make up your mind.   Determining the amount of food One of the biggest problems for most people isn’t what they eat, but how much. Overeating that causes obesity is […]

More flare ups than good days. 

It used to be that I would have flare ups and more often than not, they would be the result of my poor pacing skills. However now I am having more flare ups than good days.  At first I thought it was just a rough patch but it has been months, a lot of months! Of course being laid up for a long period of time means that my fitness levels (term used lightly) are getting worse and worse.  I was first diagnosed with ME/CFS […]

Gonzalez Beard Co 'Vanilla Blood Dragon' Beard Oil

Review: Gonzalez Beard Co ‘Vanilla Blood Dragon’ Beard Oil

The Gonzalez Beard Co ‘Vanilla Blood Dragon’ Beard Oil is very different from any oil I have tested before, the scent is very interesting but complicated and the oil feels unlike other beard oils. I dropped some of the oil into my palm and warmed it in my hands, now normally an oil is, well its oily and has that slippery oily feel. Gonzalez Beard Co ‘Vanilla Blood Dragon’ Beard Oil feels different, initially it’s the same but within a couple of seconds there is […]

Gonzalez Beard Co 'Gonzo Magic' Stache Wax

Review: Gonzalez Beard Co ‘Gonzo Magic’ Stache Wax

Gonzalez Beard Co ‘Gonzo Magic’ Stache Wax is a creamy yellow colour and it also has a consistency that reflects that colour, it appears to be more moisturising than other waxes. The wax has a very fresh scent, Niclas they guy behind the brand has told me the wax is Chocolate and Eucalyptus but I am not getting that scent, it’s almost citrus like but I cant place the scent. There is also nothing else to base it on as the only thing the label […]

middle-aged men

5 Health Threats Middle-Aged Men Face

No matter how much you’re trying to prevent it, reaching a certain age affects you, both mentally and physically. You react more slowly, start showing signs of aging and start feeling different. But, this is all normal and instead of ignoring these things – try accepting them, adapting to a new lifestyle and preventing aging as efficiently as possible. Here are five health threats every middle-aged man faces. Diabetes and heart issues Opting for fast food, sweets and soda drinks whenever you don’t feel like […]

Gonzalez Beard Co 'Coffee & Chocolate' Beard Oil

Review: Gonzalez Beard Co ‘Coffee & Chocolate’ Beard Oil

I have been using Gonzalez Beard Co ‘Coffee & Chocolate’ Beard Oil, it is a relatively new brand and the website is still yet to be launched. The first thing that needs mentioning is the scent, it is the deepest richest chocolate and coffee scent, it is one of those oils that you can’t stop waiving under your nose. The oil is clear and has a thin consistency and is made up from Grapeseed, Jojoba and Argan carrier oils and the scent is made up […]

Are you sure that is a genuine Mo Bro's product?

Are you sure that is a genuine Mo Bro’s product?

Like every successful product in this world, Mo Bro’s has been a victim of cheap Chinese copies. So now you have to ask yourself Are you sure that is a genuine Mo Bro’s product? Now this isn’t like trying to spot a fake watch or handbag, the product does look very similar but not so much that you can’t spot it. Now as you can see, there are some warning signs that scream fake. The first is that it doesn’t actually say Mo Bro’s, it […]

Men's Society 'Beard Washing Kit'

Review: Men’s Society ‘Beard Washing Kit’

I have been testing the Men’s Society ‘Beard Washing Kit’ over the past few days and it is one of a number of kits contained in a tin for various occasions and tasks. Upon opening the tin you are greeted with a card wrap saying “Hello handsome” and it has been many years since I have had that greeting! Inside the Men’s Society ‘Beard Washing Kit’ there is a 50ml Beard Shampoo,, a 10ml Beard Oil, a small metal comb in the shape of a […]

Sourcing CBD oil in the UK

I have been looking at Sourcing CBD oil in the UK. Last year a friend sent me five 10ml bottles of Melon flavoured CBD oil and a vape, I hadn’t tried CBD for the pain but wow it helped so much. I am in pain all day everyday and meds help but not totally. The CBD first off helped me to relax, it also helped me to deal with the pain and it helped me sleep. I have never smoked before, I used the vape […]