The Great Escape!

Last year I left the house 15 times and this year up to June I had been out 7 times, these were mainly visits to the doctor or the hospital. To make matters worse, I couldn’t even get into the garden because of a high threshold on the patio doors and a patio that was split into three levels and so I spent all my time indoors.   In June of this year my wife started a Just Giving page to fund an accessible decking […]

The Bearded Rapscallion 'The Loveable Rogue' Beard Oil

Review: The Bearded Rapscallion ‘The Loveable Rogue’ Beard Oil

The Bearded Rapscallion ‘The Loveable Rogue’ Beard Oil has only furthered my love of this brand, I love beard care products with a citrus scent and so the Sweet Orange and Vanilla scent of this oil has added the cherry on top of the bearded cake.   So I guess it is no surprise that I awarded this beard oil the Golden Beard Award, first off the branding is first class and that is backed up by the product inside their bottles and jars. The […]

Fellows For Him 'Coconut & Lime' Beard & Hair Shampoo

Review: Fellows For Him ‘Coconut & Lime’ Beard & Hair Shampoo

I have been using the Fellows For Him ‘Coconut & Lime’ Beard & Hair Shampoo, the scent is amazing and reminds me of being on holiday covered in sun tan lotion (sorry for the hideous image now in your head). The Fellows For Him ‘Coconut & Lime’ Beard & Hair Shampoo has a green gel like appearance and comes in a plastic bottle with a flip lid. I squirted some into my hand and rubbed it into my wet beard, I actually received the slightest lather […]

The Bearded Rapscallion 'The Charlatan' Beard Balm

Review: The Bearded Rapscallion ‘The Charlatan’ Beard Balm

I like good branding and The Bearded Rapscallion has that covered for sure, branding is a very difficult thing to get right and without a doubt we are drawn to products that have good branding. Branding is so important that £400,000 was spent on the logo for the London 2012 Olympic Games. So The Bearded Rapscallion already has a massive head start with their branding and when ever I share their posts, I get comments on the design. Of course the product inside has to […]

Merry Band Beard Oil 'Rustic Charm' Oil

Review: Merry Band Beard Oil ‘Rustic Charm’ Oil

Having tested some of the Merry Band beard oils before, I knew to expect an oil that would leave my beard feeling soft and looking good, this was really a case of assessing the ‘Rustic Charm’ scent. The base is a blend of Grapeseed, Argan, Jojoba and Vitamin E carrier oils, the result is a light and golden oil that is quickly absorbed into the beard hair and doesn’t leave it feeling or looking oily. My beard also felt good and I was pleased with the results. […]

Dead Rugged Beard Care 'Bay Rum' Beard Oil

Review: Dead Rugged Beard Care ‘Bay Rum’ Beard Oil

Last but not least of the five Dead Rugged oils is the Dead Rugged Beard Care ‘Bay Rum’ Beard Oil. If I had to choose a least favourite beard care scent, I would probably say its the pirate like scents, the Bay Rum based scents. The reason why is that on 99% of them I get a strong scent of Clove from the Bay. I hate Clove because, well its awful and reminds me of toothache as a child and my parents telling me to put Clove […]

Dead Rugged Beard Care 'Dead Original' Beard Oil

Review: Dead Rugged Beard Care ‘Dead Original’ Beard Oil

The Dead Rugged Beard Care ‘Dead Original’ Beard Oil is an unscented oil that is made using a blend of six carrier oils and yet the price does not reflect that! Beard care can be expensive, if you have a big beard then you can be using them up quite quickly and for some people it’s a luxury they struggle to afford. That is where the garbage comes into play, the mass-produced beard oils that are packed full of paraffin oil and feel bloody awful. Of […]

Dead Rugged Beard Care 'Outlaw' Beard Oil

Review: Dead Rugged Beard Care ‘Outlaw’ Beard Oil

Dead Rugged Beard Care ‘Outlaw’ Beard Oil like the other oils from this brand is of amazing quality and the scent is very green and very woody scent and blended beautifully! Like all of the Dead Rugged Beard Care oils, ‘Outlaw’ has a base of Hemp seed, Jojoba, Apricot kernel, Grapeseed, Hazelnut and natural Vitamin E carrier oils, this blend is easily absorbed into the beard hair and the skin under the beard and it leaves your beard feeling soft and looking good. Of course it’s not […]

Amazon Echo Dot

How can the Amazon Echo Dot assist disabled people?

I have often wondered about technology and it’s benefit to people who are disabled and or chronically unwell? I recently received an Amazon Echo Dot, at first it was a fascinating toy really and I sat there asking it various questions and movie quotes. However I quickly realised that this small device could actually be a great help to people who are disabled and or chronically unwell and need assistance. The Amazon Echo dot is a small hands free voice activated device that appears to have limitless capabilities. It […]

I joined the Labour Party

I joined the Labour Party.

I never imagined that I would join any of the political parties, I like many don’t trust any of them because I have never seen any of them that have made real change, change for the people. For the past decade my disability has worsened and I am now unable to work, that is a hard thing to have to deal with and it takes everything I have to cope with the pain and being housebound. So the unfair assessments that were introduced and the […]