My top brands and what products do I recommend?

I have now reviewed over 480 beard care products from 132 brands and I am often asked what I recommend?

So I thought I should devote a page to my favourite brands and products!

So what are my Top Brands?

The following are not in order of preference, the ‘Golden Beard Award’ that was just for individual products, is now also awarded to brands as a whole. These brands consistently produce amazing products and scents and back that up with first class customer service!

Balbo Beard Co

Balbo Beard Co –


Superfurry –


Beardpilot –

Scruff Stuff

Scruff Stuff –

The Butter Source

The Butter Source –

The Old Norse

The Old Norse –

The Bearded Rapscallion

The Bearded Rapscallion –

This is based on the products I have tested so far, I still have a queue of products and more on the way and this list can and most probably will change!

What are my top products?

So now we move on to individual products and this is not easy, I have been trying to sort this out for ages. If you use the search function on here and type in Golden Beard Award, they are products that are just perfect, well in my opinion and I would recommend any of them. Of course there are others but you get the idea.

The following products aren’t in any order, so the first doesn’t mean the best, it’s just all of them are my top pick

First off if you want a beard conditioner, well in my opinion there is only one product.

Scruff StuffBeard Conditioner

Scruff Stuff beard conditioner

This conditioner as they say “does exactly what it says on the tin!”

Beard Oil

Fit For VikingsLjón Lion

Beard LabThe Scientist

Scruff StuffMarshmallow


Balbo Beard Co#5

Mariner JackNewfoundland

SuperfurryBeard Polisher (Ivan calls it an oil in a jar)

Braw Beard OilThe Arctic Explorer 1813

The PÜRE Collection – Private Blend Beard Oil with Pure Oud

Beard Balms & Butters

Balbo Beard Co#5

The Butter SourcePineapple

BeardpilotCity Slicker

Bedfordshire Beard CoDark Pepper

Scruff Stuff – Black Pepper & Bergamot

Dandy & Co – Lions Whiskers ‘1016’

Robin Hood Beard CoDark Honey texture Balm

Tash Wax

SuperfurrySpunky Mandarin

SuperfurryEarl Grey

Bedfordshire Beard CoDark Pepper

ManmaneThe Zesty One


Balbo Beard CoSandalwood & Bergamot

Beard Soap & Shampoo

Balbo Beard CoSandalwood Soap

Superfurry – Coffee Scrub Soap Bar

Scruff StuffBeard Soap

Ernest Thomas & CoBody Brick Soap