Warm weather but stuck indoors

Warm weather but stuck indoors.

Warm weather but stuck indoors: Yep we finally have left the cold weather and the sun is shining. I used to love the warm days, after all my pain is generally lower but now I actually prefer the cold and wet months! Today it’s warm, my daughter and the grandchildren are over and they are playing in the garden. Meanwhile I am sat indoors on the settee unable to get outside. We are lucky to have a nice large garden but to get outside is […]

General Election 2017

The Tories can’t lose! Why, who would vote Conservative?

I keep hearing The Tories can’t lose! Why, who would vote Conservative? I really don’t understand how the people of the United Kingdom can vote for them, well except those that are immensely rich and benefiting from the tax fraud and getting richer from scams like the Royal Mail sell off and possibly the NHS privatisation. For me and people I know, it’s scary to think about them getting voted in again. The welfare cuts and the scrapping of DLA has affected so many people. […]

More flare ups than good days. 

It used to be that I would have flare ups and more often than not, they would be the result of my poor pacing skills. However now I am having more flare ups than good days.  At first I thought it was just a rough patch but it has been months, a lot of months! Of course being laid up for a long period of time means that my fitness levels (term used lightly) are getting worse and worse.  I was first diagnosed with ME/CFS […]

Sourcing CBD oil in the UK

I have been looking at Sourcing CBD oil in the UK. Last year a friend sent me five 10ml bottles of Melon flavoured CBD oil and a vape, I hadn’t tried CBD for the pain but wow it helped so much. I am in pain all day everyday and meds help but not totally. The CBD first off helped me to relax, it also helped me to deal with the pain and it helped me sleep. I have never smoked before, I used the vape […]

Can the Conservatives be stopped at this General Election?

Can the Conservatives be stopped at this General Election?

So news broke that Theresa May has announced plans to call a snap general election on 8 June, but Can the Conservatives be stopped at this General Election? Now normally I would normally cheer and look forward to people using their votes to out this vile government, however this is very cleaver and very tactical. At the moment there is no other party that could stand a chance in stealing the top slot and No 10. As a disabled person I am only too aware […]

First aid kit

Everyone should have a first aid kit!

We used to have a basic first aid kit many years ago but now we really have nothing except the odd plaster and some Germoline. I have been meaning to get some bits but never did and this came around to bite me on the backside. Last week I was drilling two holes in my wheelchair footplate, hole one went fine but on hole No2 the drill bit snapped, the drill slipped and the remaining drill bit went into my wrist. I was sat on […]

Stress to a spoonie is like poison!

Stress to a spoonie is like poison!

I don’t cope with stress very well, in fact I am really bad at it and it literally makes me physically unwell, I have ME and Stress to a spoonie is like poison!   Okay first things first, I know that most of you will know what a ‘Spoonie’ is, it’s basically a label that many people who suffer chronic health give themselves and it is based on the Spoon Theory that Christine Miserandino used to explain her health situation to a friend, you can […]

Inverted T Wave

Naturally occurring Inverted T waves on ECG

Yesterday I ended up in A&E (ER) with chest pains, now this isn’t as worrying as it sounds because I get Naturally occurring Inverted T waves on ECG. Of course once the cardiac nurse saw this, she had to follow protocol as they can’t take the risk that I am not actually suffering from a blocked artery or having a heart attack. So it was blood tests, aspirin and a nice dose of diamorphine, which also took the pain away in my legs. I haven’t […]

Virgin Media

Virgin Media TV should you choose them over Sky?

Virgin Media TV should you choose them over Sky? In short the answer is no! Now I will admit that Virgin Media broadband is amazing, it’s the reason I signed up with them in the first place. Their TV is in a totally different league however, the TiVo box is so slow and it makes watching TV very frustrating. I have phoned them many times about this and they have asked me to press certain buttons in a sequence to turn features off and speed […]

Disability benefits: PIPs should be for ‘really disabled’ – BBC News

I am sat at home, in fact I have only been out once this year and it’s almost the end of February, but don’t worry, I am really disabled! I am a full-time wheelchair user and suffer chronic pain 24/7 and it wins every time I try to fight back, I am disabled, physically disabled. However I know only too well what it is like to be crippled by anxiety, suffering so bad that you can’t step a foot outside. I started having panic attacks […]