Louis Theroux My Scientology Movie

Louis Theroux My Scientology Movie

Flicking through the TV planner we saw the Louis Theroux My Scientology Movie advertised. So we set a record on it and finally got round to watching it a couple of days ago. We have watched a lot of the Louis Theroux documentaries and we like his approach. He is very thorough and he has immersed himself […]

Paradise Papers

Disabled people are not the problem!

Lazy, scrounger, benefit scum are just a few terms used to describe those of us who are left with no option but to rely on welfare, but Disabled people are not the problem! It is difficult enough having to cope with chronic illness and or disability, the stigma associated with having to rely on welfare is […]

Disabled teenager denied access to her garden!

This morning I came a cross a story from The Evening Echo newspaper online that tells of how a teenage girl who uses a wheelchair, is denied a ramp by her local council as ‘she has no need to go into the garden’! Story here I am sorry but that is inhumane and the desk […]


Stop wasps ruining your barbecue!

All that flapping and the noise and that is just my wife when there is a wasp around, but how do you Stop wasps ruining your barbecue! Now I know you are probably thinking “why is he telling us this now, it’s autumn”, well that is because this way of keeping the wasps away involves starting […]