Stress to a spoonie is like poison!

Stress to a spoonie is like poison!

I don’t cope with stress very well, in fact I am really bad at it and it literally makes me physically unwell, I have ME and Stress to a spoonie is like poison!   Okay first things first, I know that most of you will know what a ‘Spoonie’ is, it’s basically a label that many people who suffer chronic health give themselves and it is based on the Spoon Theory that Christine Miserandino used to explain her health situation to a friend, you can […]

Inverted T Wave

Naturally occurring Inverted T waves on ECG

Yesterday I ended up in A&E (ER) with chest pains, now this isn’t as worrying as it sounds because I get Naturally occurring Inverted T waves on ECG. Of course once the cardiac nurse saw this, she had to follow protocol as they can’t take the risk that I am not actually suffering from a blocked artery or having a heart attack. So it was blood tests, aspirin and a nice dose of diamorphine, which also took the pain away in my legs. I haven’t […]

Virgin Media

Virgin Media TV should you choose them over Sky?

Virgin Media TV should you choose them over Sky? In short the answer is no! Now I will admit that Virgin Media broadband is amazing, it’s the reason I signed up with them in the first place. Their TV is in a totally different league however, the TiVo box is so slow and it makes watching TV very frustrating. I have phoned them many times about this and they have asked me to press certain buttons in a sequence to turn features off and speed […]

Disability benefits: PIPs should be for ‘really disabled’ – BBC News

I am sat at home, in fact I have only been out once this year and it’s almost the end of February, but don’t worry, I am really disabled! I am a full-time wheelchair user and suffer chronic pain 24/7 and it wins every time I try to fight back, I am disabled, physically disabled. However I know only too well what it is like to be crippled by anxiety, suffering so bad that you can’t step a foot outside. I started having panic attacks […]

If UK is in debt and cuts are being made, why give money in aid?

Suppose I told you that I was in debt, I couldn’t pay my bills, feed my family and we were cutting back so much that it was having adverse affects on the family! What if I then told you that I was giving some of our money away to several other families to help them? You would like anyone else, advise me to stop looking after those other families and look after my own! So why is the UK doing exactly this? The NHS is […]

Beard care from outside EU and UK customs charges

I have just received another card through the door saying my parcel can’t be delivered as there are charges to pay! This often happens when beard care products from outside the EU are sent for review, now in the case of the one above, the customs charge is only £4.21 and so not too bad, however Royal (thieving) Mail add £8 handling fee to it and so they want me to pay £12.21. This is not the first time this has happened, in fact it […]


Sam Cameron says sons death made Dave understanding!

No parent should ever have to lose a child, it must be one of the most awful thing to have to go through and whilst I am extremely sympathetic, this article on BBC News made my blood boil! Samantha Cameron: Son’s death ‘overshadows everything’ Ivan Cameron, who had cerebral palsy and epilepsy, died in hospital aged six in February 2009 and David and Samantha Cameron received non means tested benefits in the form of Direct Payments towards Ivan’s care package.  The Cameron’s also applied for […]

Motability vehicles taken away from disabled!

Motability vehicles taken away from disabled!

I was flicking through the news articles and came across the headline Nearly 14,000 disabled people have mobility cars taken away!  From BBC News Online I had to double-check to see if it was an up to date article, because this has been going on since our beloved Conservative Government scrapped Disability Living Allowance! They had wanted to make changes to the benefit but that proved too problematic and so they brought out a new benefit called ‘Personal Independence Payment’ or PiP for short. They […]

Can you really speak your mind on social media?

Can you really speak your mind on social media?

We all have opinions, we all have views but Can you really speak your mind on social media? I am not racist, sexist, homophobic, in fact I don’t discriminate against anyone, I just care if people are nice or not and to me that is all that matters! But I do have opinions and I find myself deleting things that I have written rather than posting it, because I am worried that some keyboard warrior will then decide to make it a massive issue. I […]

More than half of disabled have been bullied or harassed at work, says poll (From Helensburgh Advertiser)

Having a disability and or chronic health is challenging, in fact it’s bloody difficult! My brain hasn’t changed, it refuses to believe that my body is knackered and playing up, it regularly tries to convince me I am okay. I am bored, so damn bored because I can’t work, I miss the social interactions you get whilst at work and I miss having some pride in being able to provide for my family. I always had jobs where I worked with my hands, aircraft airframe […]