They won't privatise the NHS!

They won’t privatise the NHS!

They won’t privatise the NHS! If that is what you think, then you are very, very wrong because it is already happening! Slowly but surely NHS services are being awarded to the for-profit sector and to an already on its knees NHS that will only add more strain rather than helping. These companies will be billing the […]

A pain free 2018?

A pain free 2018?

Could I be looking at A pain free 2018? Well at the moment it is amazingly looking like it.   I have been in pain for way too many years, certainly before 2008. I am on so many different medications and yes some have helped in the beginning, but of course we become tolerant to them and […]


Review: Medipen

For the past three weeks I have been using the Medipen. Medipen aren’t allowed to make any medical claims about their product, but fortunately. nothing stops me from doing that! So what is a Medipen? A Medipen is a Cannabinoid delivery device that vaporises the Cannabinoids that are in coconut oil, I am and have […]

A Merry Spoonie Christmas

A Merry Spoonie Christmas?

Christmas, a time of excitement when I was a child, when my daughters were you & now that we have grandchildren, but is it possible to have A Merry Spoonie Christmas? Like most of you I have lost count of the amount of times that I have explained my health to family members. They go from […]