Southend University Hospital referral refusal

Southend University Hospital referral refusal

This is a copy of an email that I have just sent to the CFS team at Southend University Hospital. I saw my GP and was referred to the clinic as my symptoms have become so bad that I have been housebound for the last year and a half. The referral was refused!   I am sending this email about a refusal of referral because not only does it not make sense, it is also unfair and ridiculous! I was diagnosed with ME or CFS […]

The Great Escape!

Last year I left the house 15 times and this year up to June I had been out 7 times, these were mainly visits to the doctor or the hospital. To make matters worse, I couldn’t even get into the garden because of a high threshold on the patio doors and a patio that was split into three levels and so I spent all my time indoors.   In June of this year my wife started a Just Giving page to fund an accessible decking […]

Amazon Echo Dot

How can the Amazon Echo Dot assist disabled people?

I have often wondered about technology and it’s benefit to people who are disabled and or chronically unwell? I recently received an Amazon Echo Dot, at first it was a fascinating toy really and I sat there asking it various questions and movie quotes. However I quickly realised that this small device could actually be a great help to people who are disabled and or chronically unwell and need assistance. The Amazon Echo dot is a small hands free voice activated device that appears to have limitless capabilities. It […]

I joined the Labour Party

I joined the Labour Party.

I never imagined that I would join any of the political parties, I like many don’t trust any of them because I have never seen any of them that have made real change, change for the people. For the past decade my disability has worsened and I am now unable to work, that is a hard thing to have to deal with and it takes everything I have to cope with the pain and being housebound. So the unfair assessments that were introduced and the […]

What now for Grenfell? 

As I sit here the number of lives lost in the Grenfell Tower fire has reached 79, there is public disgust as the incident could have been easily prevented but what now for Grenfell? Over the next few weeks and months discussion will turn to what happens to the site! It would be not only very difficult but also very wrong to try and repair the burnt shell of Grenfell, it will always be a reminder of the lives lost because our government was lining […]

Enduring pain. 

Is anyone stupid enough to get in bed with the Tories? 

Last time we had a hung parliament, Nick Clegg took the Liberal Democrats into a coalition with the Conservative Party and it was disastrous and the Lib Dems still haven’t recovered. Prior to the election, Clegg had gained massive support after his amazing performance at the leaders debate. They then moved up the polls and the public saw Nick Clegg as a hope and then after he cuddled up with David Cameron and was over ruled on everything, he lost all credibility and so did […]

My daughter was in London & wasn't answering her phone!

My daughter was in London & wasn’t answering her phone! 

We were just about to go to sleep when my wife says there has been a terrorist attack in London and My daughter was in London & wasn’t answering her phone! Our daughter had gone to London with friends and so my first thought is ‘is she safe’, it’s a Schrodingers cat moment where she is both safe and involved in my mind. My wife tries ringing her but no response and I use social media to send her messages. We watched the events unfold […]

Beware of scam with BT

Okay, I am not sure how it works but clearly there is a scam going on! A few weeks ago we had two letters delivered to us for someone called Mr John Stevens, one thin letter and a thicker one and it was clearly a new contract. We have used BT before and they send the letters just like this and so I rang them to enquire if someone had set an account up using our address? Good old BT customer services said they couldn’t […]

Crowdfunding to To help my disabled husband to get into the back garden and not confined to the house. on JustGiving

After my post about being unable to get out into the garden and also not leaving the house unless it’s medical appointment, my wife set up a Just Giving campaign. It has been very successful but we are still currently at 55% and need some extra help. Please help by sharing this for us. The Just Giving campaign has now closed, thank you to everyone who donated. If you still would like to make a donation, message me for PayPal details.  I absolutely hate to […]