Beard Lab 'The Astronomer' Beard Soap

Review: Beard Lab ‘The Astronomer’ Beard Soap

Ever since I have started reviewing products, I have become a fan of beard soap. I even now use soap in the shower rather than the gels and use only products made from natural ingredients. Beard Lab ‘The Astronomer’ Beard Soap is exactly that and it has only reinforced my love of handmade and natural soaps. I received a bar of Beard Lab ‘The Astronomer’ Beard Soap that is clear but the soap will be coloured when it appears on the website. The scent is […]

Seven Potions 'Woodland Harmony' Beard Shampoo

Review: Seven Potions ‘Woodland Harmony’ Beard Shampoo

The latest shampoo that I have been using on the beard is Seven Potions ‘Woodland Harmony’ Beard Shampoo. As you have probably gathered by the name, Seven Potions ‘Woodland Harmony’ Beard Shampoo has a woody scent but it also has a slight citrus aroma as well, the scent is very warm, fresh and packs a punch. I got a lather from the shampoo but it wasn’t a thick and creamy type lather that you sometimes get, of course part of that is the hard Essex […]

Review Balbo Beard Co Beard Soap

Review of Balbo Beard Co Beard Soap

Well first off before the Review of Balbo Beard Co Beard Soap lets put one of these here. I like soap, it is something that I hadn’t used for years because shower gels and liquid soap took over our bathrooms. Since I have been reviewing beard care products, I have received quite a few soaps that are handmade and natural and I realised that I had missed using a bar of soap. Balbo Beard Co have now added this soap to their beard care range, […]

Scruff Stuff Beard Soap

First off the Scruff Stuff Beard Soap gets the Gold Cup Award You have a beard, you use beard oil and or balm, so why go to all that effort if you are still using shower gel or shampoo to clean your beard? What you need is Scruff Stuff Beard Soap, a dedicated product that is made from natural ingredients, a product that won’t leave your beard stripped of all its oils, a soap that will leave your beard feeling soft! So why buy a […]

Scruff Stuff Beard Conditioner

Scruff Stuff Beard Conditioner

First off, the Scruff Stuff Beard Conditioner easily gets the Gold Cup Award Some time back I was sent a sample of the Scruff Stuff Beard Conditioner, the instructions on the lid said to use a pea sized amount. I scooped out a pea sized amount of the conditioner and worked it through my beard. I was very unsure about it, I don’t have the biggest of beards but its a fair size and surely this amount wouldn’t do anything. Wrong! I left the conditioner […]

One Tribe Beard Soap

One Tribe Beard Soap

Before 2016 I hadn’t used a bar of soap since I was in my early twenties, back when I was a kid there was always a bar of soap next to the sink or in the shower, but that changed and we started using liquid products. I have received a bar of One Tribe Beard Soap and this is the eighth bar of beard soap that I have received in the past year and I now don’t use shower gels, I use these soaps all […]

Mountaineer Brand 'Chaga Shampoo' Bar

Mountaineer Brand ‘Chaga Shampoo’ Bar

Mountaineer Brand ‘Chaga Shampoo’ Bar is made from Chaga tea amongst other things, I had never heard of Chaga tea and so I had to find out what it is. Chaga is a Mushroom that grows on Birch trees and has earnt the title “King of Medicinal Mushrooms” as it canĀ  stimulate the immune system, reduce Inflammation, helps with skin anti ageing and can help regulate blood pressure. So I can see why Mountaineer Brand have used Chaga tea in this soap, it could be […]

Mountaineer Brand 'Timber' Beard Wash

Mountaineer Brand ‘Timber’ Beard Wash

This morning whilst in the shower I used Mountaineer Brand ‘Timber’ Beard Wash, it is important to use a dedicated beard cleansing product as they won’t strip your beard of all the oils and won’t leave your beard dry, after all we spend a lot of money applying oils and so it is pointless if you are then undoing that by using a standard hair shampoo or body wash! Mountaineer Brand ‘Timber’ Beard Wash is 100% natural and that is exactly what you should look […]

Bedfordshire Beard Co 'Sawmill' Beard Wash

Bedfordshire Beard Co ‘Sawmill’ Beard Wash

I was very happy to get a message from The Bedfordshire Beard Co saying they wanted to send out some samples for review, I have a few brands that are on my reviews wish list and these guys were on there, they are one of the very well known big players in the Beard care products business. I keep a well organised spread sheet of what comes next and balms and oils take their place but the Beard Washes, Shampoo’s and Soaps get tested quite […]

Stache and Beard Bar from The Great Australian Beard Co

Stache and Beard Bar from The Great Australian Beard Co

When we think of Australian men, we often think of a no nonsense, straight talking as it is bloke and that is exactly what the Essentially Pure Delights Stache and Beard Bar from The Great Australian Beard Co is from the wrapper to the soap itself! On the black and white label it says ‘Stache and Beard Bar, for Blokes that care!’ I guess really it doesn’t need to say much else, it’s a soap for our beards, job done! However the Stache and Beard […]