Amazon Echo Dot

How can the Amazon Echo Dot assist disabled people?

I have often wondered about technology and it’s benefit to people who are disabled and or chronically unwell? I recently received an Amazon Echo Dot, at first it was a fascinating toy really and I sat there asking it various questions and movie quotes. However I quickly realised that this small device could actually be a great help to people who are disabled and or chronically unwell and need assistance. The Amazon Echo dot is a small hands free voice activated device that appears to have limitless capabilities. It […]

Tefal Actifry Express XL

Review: Tefal Actifry Express XL

I have known about the Tefal Actifry gadgets for a couple of years but I actually dismissed them as another cooking gadget that wouldn’t live up to its advertising. However recently we started using the Tefal Actifry Express XL. We previously had a small deep fat fryer, but it’s not good for your health but mostly the greasy vapour in the air makes the kitchen sticky and disgusting and so it was binned. We started buying oven chips and tried to convince ourselves that they […]

First aid kit

Everyone should have a first aid kit!

We used to have a basic first aid kit many years ago but now we really have nothing except the odd plaster and some Germoline. I have been meaning to get some bits but never did and this came around to bite me on the backside. Last week I was drilling two holes in my wheelchair footplate, hole one went fine but on hole No2 the drill bit snapped, the drill slipped and the remaining drill bit went into my wrist. I was sat on […]

PainXit - TENS machine from designed2enable

PainXit – TENS machine from designed2enable

I have been sent a PainXit – TENS machine from designed2enable, simply put it is a portable TENS device to help combat pain. I have a full size TENS machine and I have used it for many years, it doesn’t help with all of my pain but I know when it is likely to help and when it isn’t. I also have a similar pen device that contains a piezo crystal and delivers a shock when you click the button but I have never found […]

NZ Sock Co 'LifeSocks' from Designed2Enable

Review: NZ Sock Co ‘LifeSocks’ from designed2enable

I have been sent some NZ Sock Co ‘LifeSocks’ from designed2enable that promote healthy circulation. I know the circulation in my legs is bad, but I have never really tried anything to help and I hate the white NHS compression socks/stockings which also hurt after wearing them for any length of time. I am also not a sock person, in fact when I did that walking trick, I loved to be bare foot as much of the time as I could. Since the NZ Sock […]

Uccello Kettle

Review of Uccello Kettle the modern take on the tipping kettle

I was sent the Uccello Kettle for test and review, it is a modern take on the tipping kettle that looks good and performs perfectly. I have arthritis in my hands but it doesn’t cause too many problems, my disability is with my legs and I am full-time wheelchair user. I thought I would test the product and try to see it from the view of someone who would have problems using a standard kettle. I hadn’t actually realised that the Uccello Kettle would make […]

Portable Folding Laptop Tray

Portable Folding Laptop Tray

I recently purchased a Portable Folding Laptop Tray, it’s something I have been meaning to get for some time and I used some money I was given for Christmas to finally get one! A laptop isn’t a particularly heavy item and as their name suggests, they are designed to sit on your lap. However I have CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) and a laptop on my legs causes me a considerable amount of extra pain. This last year my health has declined and I can’t […]

Cleaning up the Trabasack Mini Connect

I returned to pick up the Mini Connect I noticed it was wet, but in fact it was sticky. I had failed to properly screw the lid on the Oramorph and the contents had spilt onto the Mini Connect and over the arm of our settee, my first thought was the tablet sat inside but luckily it was perfectly dry inside the zipped compartment.

Hands free drinking!

a 1 litre drinks bottle that has a large clip that enables it to be attached to a wheelchair or a hospital bed etc and has a 1.2 metre drinking tube with a bite valve

Nimble – cutting power at your finger tip.

the blade is a tiny ultra-hard zirconia ceramic blade that barely protrudes, its so small that they claim that if you did try to cut yourself, it would barely match a cat scratch, yep I tried and it was a tiny scratch