Beardpilot 'Daredevil' Moustache Wax

Beardpilot ‘Daredevil’ Moustache Wax

I like it when I get a beard care product that has a unique scent and that is certainly the case with Beardpilot ‘Daredevil’ Moustache Wax and it gets the Gold Cup Award without any hesitation! First of all though I need to mention the Beardpilot branding, yes I know I have mentioned it before but it really is so damn good. Branding is challenging and so many brands have just opted for labels that look good, but they are just a label and they […]

Debonair For Men Ultra - Strong Moustache Wax

Debonair For Men Ultra – Strong Moustache Wax

I have tested quite a few Moustache waxes and I have liked them, but I hadn’t tested a really firm wax, something that would keep my tash in place and keep it there and then I tried Debonair For Men Ultra – Strong Moustache Wax. Growing a beard is fairly easy, stop shaving and you’re done, however the thing that has been hard for me is my moustache. I’m happy with my beard but I want a really big tash and so I haven’t trimmed […]

ManMane 'The Zesty One' Moustache Wax

Manmane ‘The Zesty One’ Moustache Wax

Something that I didn’t even consider about beard care products is that some guys may want Vegan friendly products. As a Non vegan I didn’t realise that using Beeswax was a no, however it is a big no and it’s hard to get hold of Vegan friendly Beard care products! And so Mike set about producing a range of vegan friendly products for the UK beard care market and I have been sent Manmane ‘The Zesty One’ Moustache Wax to test and review. I was […]

Bedfordshire Beard Co 'Mango' Moustache Wax

Bedfordshire Beard Co ‘Mango’ Moustache Wax

Bedfordshire Beard Co ‘Mango’ Moustache Wax has that beautiful sweet Mango scent without being too powerful. I tested another mango scented wax a while back and that was a real punch of Mango and that isn’t always to people’s taste, especially when it is sitting on your tash right under your nose all day! The wax is very firm but not rock solid and I always use the corner of my metal comb to get a small amount out. Then sticking it to my thumbs […]

Mango Tash Wax

Review of ‘Mango’ Tash Wax from Fuzz Muzzle

I have been taming my moustache with ‘Mango’ Tash Wax from Fuzz Muzzle. It has now got to the stage where my moustache needs wax everyday and choosing the right wax scent is important, after all its going to be right under your nose all day! I normally try to describe a scent in my reviews but like a famous fence staining product, it’s exactly what it says on the tin! ‘Mango’ Tash Wax from Fuzz Muzzle is quite firm and does an excellent job […]

Tested: Moustache Wax from The Beard and the Wonderful

This is the first strong hold moustache wax that I have used and so I expected to struggle to scrape it out of the tin and to work it until it was ready to use. However it’s not, it actually quite easy to get some from the tin and it takes only a small amount of work between thumb and forefinger until ready to apply.

Tested: ‘LumberJack’ Moustache Wax from Beard Pilot

The tin looks like it could have been found in the bag of a pilot of a Sopwith Camel in World War 1 and is exactly the look that Beard Pilot was going for, although I was informed that I should think more Lord Flashheart from Blackadder! “WOOF”

Tested: Mo Bro’s ‘Vanilla & Mango’ Wax

Like the ‘Vanilla & Mango’ beard balm the wax is also a smack of fruitiness and the scent lasts for hours

Tactical Beard Oils 'Standby' Moustache Wax

Tested: Tactical Beard Oils ‘Standby’ Moustache Wax

it’s not sticky like a lot of waxes, it works into my moustache hair really well and keeps it in place without making it matted and sticky. it also leaves my moustache looking natural and yet held in place

Universal Beard 'Cedar Cinnamon Roll' Moustache Wax

Universal Beard ‘Cedar Cinnamon Roll’ Moustache Wax

The smell is good, very good but it’s not a strong smell which is good, you wouldn’t want a strong scent right under your nose!