Men's Society 'Beard Washing Kit'

Review: Men’s Society ‘Beard Washing Kit’

I have been testing the Men’s Society ‘Beard Washing Kit’ over the past few days and it is one of a number of kits contained in a tin for various occasions and tasks. Upon opening the tin you are greeted with a card wrap saying “Hello handsome” and it has been many years since I have had that greeting! Inside the Men’s Society ‘Beard Washing Kit’ there is a 50ml Beard Shampoo,, a 10ml Beard Oil, a small metal comb in the shape of a […]

Shavette from Modern Day Man Ltd

Shavette from Modern Day Man Ltd

I have the problem of my beard trying to join up with my eyebrows, yes cheeks that wouldn’t look out of place on a Planet of the Apes extra. I have kept my disposable razor and occasionally I tackle the upward growth but often its just left! I have always fancied using a straight edge razor, but the thought of slicing my face has deterred me and so I have persisted with disposables. Well that was until one of the ‘Guardians of the Beard’ Facebook […]

Philips OneBlade

Review: Philips OneBlade

I guess that you may be a bit perplexed at seeing a review for Philips OneBlade a product that is for shaving, but many guys keep their cheeks and neckline clean and so I guess we can allow that! Derek Alderson recently bought one and this is his product review The first thing I noticed when opening the box is the lack of instructions, just a little square of paper that has six pictures that supposedly tell you how to use the OneBlade. The one […]

Beard Thickening Serum from Great British Grooming

Beard Thickening Serum from Great British Grooming

This is the first Beard Thickening Serum that I have ever used and so I was interested to find out if it was just a marketing ploy! The Beard Thickening Serum is dispensed using the pump applicator, its has a gel like feel to it and I followed the instructions and worked it into my beard after washing it. The Beard Thickening Serum can be applied to a damp or dry beard and it actually does make my beard feel thicker, I believe that this […]

Mo Bro's XL Grooming Kit

Review: Mo Bro’s XL Grooming Kit

The tin contains a 15ml Balm, a 10ml Oil, a 15ml Wax, an 80g soap, a wooden beard comb, a small pair of scissors and a hessian wax bag.

Nordman 'Freyja' Beard Mist

Nordman ‘Freyja’ Beard Mist

The idea behind this mist is actually very well thought out, we oil our beards in the morning and its a great feeling, our beard is tidy, it smells great (if you have a good oil) and it feels fresh, however its now several hours since you groomed your beard and you need a freshen up, so you spray some of this mist onto your beard and give it a run through with the comb and it feels very good

2 the Nines Beard Oil, Balm and Moustache Wax Kit

2 the Nines Beard Oil, Balm and Moustache Wax Kit

I personally like the Lemon and Lime scent but it is slightly too strong, but that is just my opinion.