The Butter Source 'Chocolate' & Beardpilot 'Daredevil' Wax

The Butter Source ‘Chocolate’ & Beardpilot ‘Daredevil’ Wax

First off, I didn’t realise how wonky my beard is until I watched the video! I am using The Butter Source ‘Chocolate’ and after using the ‘Pineapple’ one before, I declared that this is my No 1 recommended product and I stick by that. I am also using Beardpilot ‘Daredevil’ Moustache wax and Beardpilot is one Top 3 products that I recently published about. Both products are 100% natural and I think that should always be the case with beard care products. The Beard Butter […]

White Christmas sung by Guardians of the Beard

I run a Facebook group called Guardians of the Beard and whilst we discuss beards and beard care, we mainly have a laugh and I have got to know some damn good guys. The other day I filmed myself singing the first line to White Christmas and the guys did not disappoint and joined in and then Michael Forrest stitched it all together for us and this is the result! Now we are not the 3 tenors or how ever many we are, but we […]

The Butter Source 'Vanilla' Beard Butter

The Butter Source ‘Pineapple’ Beard Butter

Okay I decided to do my first dedicated product review video, I needed to just actually tell you how good The Butter Source ‘Pineapple’ Beard Butter is! This product is incredible, if I had to pick one product right now to use, it would be this one. The Butter Source website is now up and running, you can get the 150g Beard Butter for ¬£14.99 in the Pineapple or Chocolate, Mint or Vanilla and I can’t tell you how damn good this is, get […]

Questions for The Great British Grooming Co

Questions for The Great British Grooming Co

This weekend¬† (3rd Dec 16) The Gentleman’s Grooming Show is at Tobacco Dock in London, I wanted to be there but my health means it’s a no go even though I am about 40 miles away! I wanted to meet some brand owners and possibly get some more reviews but mainly I have Questions for The Great British Grooming Co. And so I put my questions to the camera and someone is going to show it to them at the show for me. If this […]

Applying Beard Glitter

How to use Beard Glitter

This was just a bit of fun, a tongue in cheek video but the guys thought I was serious! I promise that I dont apply any of that awful crap to my beard lol

How I source products for review & avoiding bad products.

This video was just an explanation of the reviews and how I source the products for reviews!

Introduction to SatonmyButt

SatonmyButt Introduction

This was my first attempt at a video, I don’t have any kit or editing software, its all filmed from a Panasonic Lumix compact camera. Filmed from the bathroom this is just a short video about how I started and about SatonmyButt!