Does a beard make you any more of a man?

If you have a beard and you are on Instagram or Facebook, you can’t help but notice the beard memes that often pop up about beards and manliness but A beard doesn’t make you any more of a man! They are amusing but I do sometimes wonder if some people take them seriously? Yes I have a beard, it’s not massive but it’s not small either, but by having a beard I am no different to how I was previously. Lets take this meme for […]

Beard Do’s and Dont’s

So you have decided to grow a beard or you have grown one and you are now wondering if it should be trimmed to get the best result. The short answer is don’t act quickly, also if you want a big beard, leave it alone and let it grow, resist the temptation. It is all too easy to make mistakes, I have lost count of the times that someone on ‘Guardians of the Beard’¬†has made an error and lost their beard and had to start […]

She doesn’t like my beard!

One of the things I hear most often is “She doesn’t like my beard”. Some of you are lucky to have girlfriends or wives and even boyfriends and husbands that like beards and they like the fact you have a beard. However more often than not, our loved ones don’t approve of our beard or they think it should be kept shorter. My wife was very anti beard but now she says she would be happy if it was kept short and tidy. So what […]

Becoming or appointing a brand ambassador

Becoming or appointing a brand ambassador.

Becoming or appointing a brand ambassador. Social media is a powerful tool and it can literally make or break a brand and so many brands use an ambassador or ambassadors, but what does Becoming or appointing a brand ambassador mean? I get a few messages every now and then from guys asking what an ambassador is, how they get to become one and I have even had a couple of brands asking when they have considered using an ambassador and so I thought an article […]

What are my top brands and what products do I recommend?

I am often asked what I recommend, I have already posted a ‘Top 3’ brands on Social media but a about a week ago I suddenly realised that I wasn’t quite right and now it has once again been updated. Now, I have made it very well known that my favourite product is ‘The Butter Source‘ and I do highly recommend it, now it’s not really like a beard butter, it has a whipped look but when you take some and work it, its heavier […]

Patchy beards

Patchy beards

I get a lot of messages and also a lot of guys on ‘Guardians of the Beard‘ Facebook group asking about patchy beards. Many guys have a patchy beard or a beard where it grows like wildfire under the chin but doesn’t seem to want to grow upwards. We all want a big full beard that is thick and looks good and so it can be frustrating when it doesn’t grow the way you want. So what can you do? Well the first thing you […]

Has your beard care product been safety assessed?

Has your beard care product been safety assessed?

I know that sounds strange, I have been testing beard care products for about 18 months and it is only recently that I have been looking into the regulations that cover beard care. Everything has to be assessed for safety, from your car to your shampoo and it is to make sure that the products we buy are safe. This also applies to Beard care and the oils, balms, soaps etc have to be tested and approved just like everything else. Making a beard oil […]

Caring for your beard

Caring for your beard So you have¬†finally put the razor down and started to grow a beard, finally you have left the smooth chin to do what it is meant to, it’s meant to grow a beard! Maybe you want a small beard or something like the amazing beard that Kris Paver in the featured image has! It’s easy, just stop shaving, you are convinced you will save a lot of time because you don’t have to stand in front of the mirror every morning […]

Water quality and Beards!

When I have reviewed beard shampoo or soap I have always mentioned about the Essex water, but why do I worry about Water quality and Beards! The water properties from our taps varies throughout the UK, here in Essex we have very hard water and that is obvious when you look inside the kettle and see the amount of Lime scale that has built up. Not only does this affect the heating elements in our household appliances, it also affects the products we use and […]

Boars Bristle Brush

What should you use to groom your beard?

Many things in the world of beards are discussed, which product? Which Brand? Should you trim your neck line? and so on! But one of the most discussed is what should I use to groom my Beard? Now many guys favour a wooden beard comb, they comb in many different shapes and sizes and are often laser engraved with a brand name and logo. These combs can cost as little as a couple of pounds and they are easy to tuck into your pocket. However […]