Modern Day Duke Luxurious Beard Wash

Review: Modern Day Duke Luxurious Beard Wash

Review of the Modern Day Duke Luxurious Beard Wash. The 200ml beard wash costs £13.95 from their website and they offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are unhappy with your purchase! Or just click ‘Buy Now’ button at top. Free shipping on orders over £15. You can keep up to date with Modern Day […]

Swagger & Jacks Argan Oil Beard Shampoo

Review: Swagger & Jacks Argan Oil Beard Shampoo

As part of the Premium beardcare gift box set, I received for review, I have been using the Swagger & Jacks Argan Oil Beard Shampoo. I have heard quite a bit about Swagger & Jacks, the beard care is part of the business that is a very popular barbers in Norwich. You can’t help but be […]

Superfurry 'Mike's Pine' Green Soap Bar

Review: Superfurry ‘Mike’s Pine’ Green Soap Bar

I received Superfurry ‘Mike’s Pine’ Green Soap Bar and I am always pleased to receive soap for review, I have ditched the shower gels as I like using products that are 100% natural. This 100g bar of soap is solid and I mean really solid and so it feels as though it would last a […]

Magpie Hill Beer Soaps

Review: Magpie Hill Beer Soaps

Rhian has been busy in her soap workshop and she has produced a new range of Magpie Hill Beer Soaps that have been made using the beer from a local brewery! The new soaps are a partnership with Hobsons Brewery and so as you probably have guessed, the soaps are a Beer Soap range and […]

SuperFurry Beard Beer Wash

Review: SuperFurry Beard Beer Wash

I received some products from a Dutch brand called SuperFurry, included in the package was a sample of their SuperFurry Beard Beer Wash. I was unsure how to describe the wash and so I went onto the Superfurry website and there it was, it’s a mush and it is the perfect description! It has beige colour […]