Bear Head 'Citrus Burst' Beard Oil

Review: Bear Head ‘Citrus Burst’ Beard Oil

One of the things I really enjoy about reviewing, is when a new brand comes along and that is the case with this brand and I have started testing with the Bear Head ‘Citrus Burst’ Beard Oil. Of course it is worrying, this person or people have devoted time, money and a lot of passion […]

Swagger & Jacks Premium Beard Oil

Review: Swagger & Jacks Premium Beard Oil

Last out of the Premium Beardcare Set is the Swagger & Jacks Premium Beard Oil. So far I have been pleasantly surprised by the products in this kit, the Shampoo was very good, the Balm was very firm but again very nice, however the oil has been the product that let’s this trio down. The branding […]

The Old Norse 'Hunters' Beard Oil

Review: The Old Norse ‘Hunters’ Beard Oil

Last but certainly not least from this brand is The Old Norse ‘Hunters’ Beard Oil     I loved the balm of the same scent and already knew that the quality of the oil was fantastic and so there was no surprises here. Bergamot, Clary Sage and Cedarwood scented The Old Norse ‘Hunters’ Beard Oil has […]

The Old Norse 'Merchants Origin' Beard Oil

Review: The Old Norse ‘Merchants Origin’ Beard Oil

I had just finished using ‘Merchants Origin’ Beard balm and so I knew that I was going to love the scent of The Old Norse ‘Merchants Origin’ Beard Oil. It’s a beautiful blend of fresh Lime, the sweetness of Mandarin and the warm and exotic scent of Frankincense and if I could create a custom scent, […]

Bulldog Original Beard Oil

Review: Bulldog Original Beard Oil

I make no secret of the fact that I consider the cheap High Street brand beard care products to be something to avoid. So when Roni one of the Guardians of the Beard admins sent me a bottle of Bulldog Original Beard Oil, I was apprehensive. However, I may have been too quick to judge, because […]

Scruff Stuff 'Orange Kush' Beard Oil

Review: Scruff Stuff ‘Orange Kush’ Beard Oil

It has been a while since I have used some Scruff Stuff oil and the Scruff Stuff ‘Orange Kush’ Beard Oil  has reminded me just how damn good these oils are! For a long while there were only six Scruff Stuff oils and they were and still are very popular, James then released another six oils […]

Mr Masey's 'Mandarin & Sweet Orange' Brilliant Beard Oil

Review: Mr Masey’s ‘Mandarin & Sweet Orange’ Brilliant Beard Oil

I have seen the Mr Masey’s brand on Instagram but until now I hadn’t had the chance to test any of their products, that was until Roni sent me a bottle of the Mr Masey’s ‘Mandarin & Sweet Orange’ Brilliant Beard Oil. Now as the saying goes, this was a game of two halves! The scent […]