Beardlab Darwin Beard Butter

Review: Beardlab Darwin Beard Butter

I was confident that Beardlab Darwin Beard Butter was going to be a good product, the previous Beardlab products I have tested have been very good and I wasn’t wrong. Contained in a 50g glass jar with a screw lid the Beardlab Darwin Beard Butter has a scent that many will recognise. Beardlab say it is the smell of Starburst sweets or if you are old like me, Opal Fruits, I have no idea why they keep changing the names, anyway I won’t start moaning […]

The Bearded Rapscallion 'The Jolly Rascal' Beard Balm

Review: The Bearded Rapscallion ‘The Jolly Rascal’ Beard Balm

The first thing people say about this brand when I post a photo, is how much they love the branding. The Bearded Rapscallion logo was designed for us by the awesomely talented artist Quyen Dinh of Parlour Tattoo Prints and I have to agree, it looks damn good. I have been using The Bearded Rapscallion ‘The Jolly Rascal’ Beard Balm for the past few days. Added to the superb branding is the fact that they use glass jars for their balms and it gives the […]

Merry Band Beard Oil 'Beard Balm'

Review: Merry Band Beard Oil ‘Beard Balm’

Merry Band Beard Oil ‘Beard Balm’ is a fresh Peppermint aroma with the woodsy and citrus scented Rosemary and aromatic Lavender. The blend of essential oils works very well and the scents have been balanced very well, I guess some guys might be hesitant to use a product on their beard that contains Rosemary and Lavender, but it is in no way feminine and it works very well in a beard care product. The Balm has a slight grainy texture which is from the wax […]

The Butter Source 'Vanilla' Beard Butter

Review: The Butter Source ‘Vanilla’ Beard Butter

Without a doubt The Butter Source is a product that is like nothing else I have tested and using The Butter Source ‘Vanilla’ Beard Butter has only reaffirmed my view that it is definitely my favourite beard care product. I tell everyone about it but I also explain that this is not like your normal beard butter, of course when we hear butter we think of that smooth and soft and slippery like consistency. The Butter Source beard butter is different, it has a whipped […]

Bangin Beards 'Coconut Rum' Beard Balm

Review: Bangin Beards ‘Coconut Rum’ Beard Balm

Three days ago I opened the tin of Bangin Beards ‘Coconut Rum’ Beard Balm, first off is that this is a very firm balm. It has been many years since I indulged in a tipple and back then it certainly wasn’t a Coconut Rum. So I rooted round in my wife’s beside cabinet and finally came out with an appropriate bottle for comparison. The scent is without a doubt Coconut Rum but obviously lacks that spirit punch I would be worried if it did. The […]

Seven Potions 'Woodland Harmony' Beard Wax

Review: Seven Potions ‘Woodland Harmony’ Beard Wax

No you read that right, Seven Potions ‘Woodland Harmony’ Beard Wax not moustache wax! This is the first time I have used a dedicated ‘beard wax’, I have tested moustache wax and also some balms that could be described as a wax because they are so firm. The Seven Potions ‘Woodland Harmony’ Beard Wax is as you would expect, hard and yet it does feel different to a moustache wax.  It has a creamier, more buttery feel to it than moustache wax but it feels […]

Seven Potions 'Woodland Harmony' Beard Balm

Review: Seven Potions ‘Woodland Harmony’ Beard Balm

Give me a balm and I am a happy man and Seven Potions ‘Woodland Harmony’ Beard Balm hasn’t changed my love of balms. First off the great thing about Seven Potions ‘Woodland Harmony’ Beard Balm is its 2 oz size, a guy with a decent sized beard needs decent sized products and some of the guys I know have very big beards. This balm will keep you going for some time and the price for the 2 oz (just short of 60 ml) is very […]

Woodsman Beard Company 'Dubai Sunrise' Beard Balm

Review: Woodsman Beard Company ‘Dubai Sunrise’ Beard Balm

Woodsman Beard Company ‘Dubai Sunrise’ Beard Balm has without a doubt left my beard feeling incredibly soft. The scent of ‘Dubai Sunrise as described on the website is ‘Infused with pine and frankincense essential oils, and complemented by warm undertones of black pepper and mulled spice’. The first thing you pick up from the scent is the freshness of the pine which has an almost citrus like aroma as well, this is backed up very closely by a warm and rich spicy aroma and the […]

Purpose Beard Balm

Review: Purpose Beard Balm

Purpose Beard Balm is a fairly new beard care product and if you frequent Instagram, then you may have noticed the launch campaign where Purpose sent out hundreds of free samples to people who subscribed to their website. Now I guess this can either be a good idea or a bad idea, if the product is a winner then those guys will be beating down your door wanting more, however if it’s not great then guys who might have bought some, will now steer clear […]

Beardpilot 'Rogue' Beard Balm

Review of Beardpilot ‘Rogue’ Beard Balm

Review of Beardpilot ‘Rogue’ Beard Balm Beardpilot is one of my Top 3 brands, it ticks all the right boxes for what you want from beard care, natural ingredients, amazing quality, feels and looks great on the beard and the branding is just incredible and Beardpilot ‘Rogue’ Beard Balm doesn’t change that view in any way, in fact it’s so good that it’s worthy of the Gold Cup Award. ‘Rogue’ Beard Balm from the Danish brand Beardpilot is an unscented balm that leaves the beard […]