Bear Head 'Peppermint Cream' Beard Balm

Review: Bear Head ‘Peppermint Cream’ Beard Balm

After testing their ‘Citrus Burst‘ Beard Oil, I moved on to the Bear Head ‘Peppermint Cream’ Beard Balm. Grant Taylor was fed up with the products he had been using on his beard, mass-produced and full of ingredients despite what the labels say, aren’t good for your beard. So he set about making his own and […]

Swagger & Jacks Beard Balm

Review: Swagger & Jacks Beard Balm

I have just finished using the Swagger & Jacks Beard Balm that came as part of the Premium Beardcare Set. I gave my beard a wash using their beard shampoo, gave it a brush and opened up the 50ml balm. Without checking I went to plunge my finger into the balm and ‘BANG’ it’s rock […]

Uppercut Deluxe Beard Balm

Review: Uppercut Deluxe Beard Balm

Back in the 80’s when I was still under 20, there was girl that I had my eye on. She looked so damn good, she was popular and I knew that I wanted her. I spent a long while on this and finally we hooked up, unfortunately despite her amazing looks, it was a disappointment. […]

The Old Norse 'Hunters' Beard Balm

Review: The Old Norse ‘Hunters’ Beard Balm

After using the amazing ‘Merchants Origin‘ balm, I was sure that moving on would be disappointing as the scent was so amazing but The Old Norse ‘Hunters’ Beard Balm is again incredible! Hunters is a Bergamot, Sage & Cedarwood scented balm, again the scent has been blended perfectly. The fresh and zesty Bergamot is followed up […]

The Old Norse 'Merchants' Beard Balm

Review: The Old Norse ‘Merchants Origin’ Beard Balm

Oh damn, The Old Norse ‘Merchants Origin’ Beard Balm is bloody amazing! I love citrus scents and I adore the smell of a good Frankincense oil and so The Old Norse ‘Merchants Origin’ Beard Balm has to be my perfect scent blend. It is a blend of Lime, Mandarin and Frankincense and it has been blended so […]

Superfurry 'The 40 Crooks of Ali Baba' Beard Polisher

Review: Superfurry ‘The 40 Crooks of Ali Baba’ Beard Polisher

After testing the ‘Mike’s Pine‘ Beard Polisher, it was then the turn of Superfurry ‘The 40 Crooks of Ali Baba’ Beard Polisher. I already knew what to expect from the product and so this was really down to scent. The scent is made up from a blend of Amber Jadin, Black Pepper, Cardamon and Virginia Cedar and […]

Superfurry 'Mike's Pine' Beard Polisher

Review: Superfurry ‘Mike’s Pine’ Beard Polisher

I received a pot of Superfurry ‘Mike’s Pine’ Beard Polisher and probably like you are now, I thought “a what?” This is what I love about testing and reviewing products, all too often the products are very much the same but there are some products out there that are unique. I opened up the whopping 175ml […]