Manmane 'Jardin Du Monde' Beard Oil

Review: Manmane ‘Jardin Du Monde’ Beard Oil

I had hoped that Manmane ‘Jardin Du Monde’ Beard Oil was going to be a good one, I was wrong….. It’s bloody amazing! I had previously tested the Manmane ‘Arctic Gale‘ Beard Oil and so I knew the oil itself was a very nice oil, so this was just about the scent and wow. The scent is created by blending Grapefruit, May Chang, Ylang Ylang extra , Geranium rose and Lavender True. This has created a floral scent with a slight citrus background. We associate […]

Manmane 'Arctic Gale' Beard Oil

Review: Manmane ‘Arctic Gale’ Beard Oil

Manmane ‘Arctic Gale’ Beard Oil has a slightly thicker than usual consistency and an incredible fresh scent. The Manmane beard oil has a golden colour and a slightly thicker than usual consistency and I actually prefer a thicker beard oil. The base is made up using Castor oil, Sweet almond oil, Jojoba oil, Avocado oil, Argan oil and Vitamin E oil. The result is a beard oil that feels incredibly good, even when it is dropped into your palm you can feel it’s a good […]

Patchy beards

Patchy beards

I get a lot of messages and also a lot of guys on ‘Guardians of the Beard‘ Facebook group asking about patchy beards. Many guys have a patchy beard or a beard where it grows like wildfire under the chin but doesn’t seem to want to grow upwards. We all want a big full beard that is thick and looks good and so it can be frustrating when it doesn’t grow the way you want. So what can you do? Well the first thing you […]

Beardlab Darwin Beard Butter

Review: Beardlab Darwin Beard Butter

I was confident that Beardlab Darwin Beard Butter was going to be a good product, the previous Beardlab products I have tested have been very good and I wasn’t wrong. Contained in a 50g glass jar with a screw lid the Beardlab Darwin Beard Butter has a scent that many will recognise. Beardlab say it is the smell of Starburst sweets or if you are old like me, Opal Fruits, I have no idea why they keep changing the names, anyway I won’t start moaning […]

The Bearded Rapscallion 'The Racketeer' Beard Oil

Review: The Bearded Rapscallion ‘The Racketeer’ Beard Oil

The Bearded Rapscallion ‘The Racketeer’ Beard Oil has only gone and changed my mind about Clove oil. I hate Clove, it is the one essential oil that will make me dislike a beard care product instantly and the reason that I am not fond of the pirate named oils. West Indies bay used in those products has Clove notes and so it’s always a no from me. The Racketeer is a Sweet orange, Wild honey, Clove &┬áCinnamon scented oil and I instantly caught the clove […]

The Bearded Rapscallion 'The Jolly Rascal' Beard Balm

Review: The Bearded Rapscallion ‘The Jolly Rascal’ Beard Balm

The first thing people say about this brand when I post a photo, is how much they love the branding. The Bearded Rapscallion logo was designed for us by the awesomely talented artist Quyen Dinh of Parlour Tattoo Prints and I have to agree, it looks damn good. I have been using The Bearded Rapscallion ‘The Jolly Rascal’ Beard Balm for the past few days. Added to the superb branding is the fact that they use glass jars for their balms and it gives the […]

Merry Band Beard Oil 'Beard Balm'

Review: Merry Band Beard Oil ‘Beard Balm’

Merry Band Beard Oil ‘Beard Balm’ is a fresh Peppermint aroma with the woodsy and citrus scented Rosemary and aromatic Lavender. The blend of essential oils works very well and the scents have been balanced very well, I guess some guys might be hesitant to use a product on their beard that contains Rosemary and Lavender, but it is in no way feminine and it works very well in a beard care product. The Balm has a slight grainy texture which is from the wax […]

Merry Band Beard Oil 'Bold & Crisp'

Review: Merry Band Beard Oil ‘Bold & Crisp’

Occasionally along comes something special, a product that leaves you wanting to shout about it to every bearded guy. That is exactly what Merry Band Beard Oil ‘Bold & Crisp’ is, you can just tell almost straight away and my beard has felt amazing for the for the past three days. So I guess it’s no surprise that I’m giving this the Gold Cup Award. Merry Band Beard Oil ‘Bold & Crisp’ is, well it’s literally that, it is bold and crisp! The website says […]

Gonzalez Beard Co 'Vanilla Blood Dragon' Beard Oil

Review: Gonzalez Beard Co ‘Vanilla Blood Dragon’ Beard Oil

The Gonzalez Beard Co ‘Vanilla Blood Dragon’ Beard Oil is very different from any oil I have tested before, the scent is very interesting but complicated and the oil feels unlike other beard oils. I dropped some of the oil into my palm and warmed it in my hands, now normally an oil is, well its oily and has that slippery oily feel. Gonzalez Beard Co ‘Vanilla Blood Dragon’ Beard Oil feels different, initially it’s the same but within a couple of seconds there is […]

Gonzalez Beard Co 'Gonzo Magic' Stache Wax

Review: Gonzalez Beard Co ‘Gonzo Magic’ Stache Wax

Gonzalez Beard Co ‘Gonzo Magic’ Stache Wax is a creamy yellow colour and it also has a consistency that reflects that colour, it appears to be more moisturising than other waxes. The wax has a very fresh scent, Niclas they guy behind the brand has told me the wax is Chocolate and Eucalyptus but I am not getting that scent, it’s almost citrus like but I cant place the scent. There is also nothing else to base it on as the only thing the label […]