Bear Head 'Peppermint Cream' Beard Balm

Review: Bear Head ‘Peppermint Cream’ Beard Balm

After testing their ‘Citrus Burst‘ Beard Oil, I moved on to the Bear Head ‘Peppermint Cream’ Beard Balm. Grant Taylor was fed up with the products he had been using on his beard, mass-produced and full of ingredients despite what the labels say, aren’t good for your beard. So he set about making his own and […]

Who is behind the brand? Beard Juice

Who is behind the brand? Beard Juice

Name: Wayne Pollard Age: 44 Brand name: Beard Juice Premium Oil Co. Where do you live? Originally from Poole Dorset now living in Gillingham Kent Why did you choose that name for your brand? Good question. Just seemed right at the time When did you first start making beard care products? I started dabbling in […]

Bear Head 'Citrus Burst' Beard Oil

Review: Bear Head ‘Citrus Burst’ Beard Oil

One of the things I really enjoy about reviewing, is when a new brand comes along and that is the case with this brand and I have started testing with the Bear Head ‘Citrus Burst’ Beard Oil. Of course it is worrying, this person or people have devoted time, money and a lot of passion […]

Swagger & Jacks premium beardcare gift box set

Review: Swagger & Jacks Premium Beardcare Set

When I saw the Swagger & Jacks Premium Beardcare Set, I was so impressed with the packaging and the branding. Housed in a card box with a black base and grey lid and finished with the Swagger and Jacks logo and kit name in silver. The Swagger & Jacks Premium Beardcare Set contains (click links for individual […]

Swagger & Jacks Premium Beard Oil

Review: Swagger & Jacks Premium Beard Oil

Last out of the Premium Beardcare Set is the Swagger & Jacks Premium Beard Oil. So far I have been pleasantly surprised by the products in this kit, the Shampoo was very good, the Balm was very firm but again very nice, however the oil has been the product that let’s this trio down. The branding […]

Mike Thompson Manmane

Who is behind the brand? Manmane

Name: Mike Thompson Age: 49 years young Brand name: Manmane Where do you live? Gower, Swansea Why did you choose that name for your brand? Because it tells people what we do.. very simply and I like one word identity. When did you first start making beard care products? 2013… started selling 2015 What is […]

Swagger & Jacks Beard Balm

Review: Swagger & Jacks Beard Balm

I have just finished using the Swagger & Jacks Beard Balm that came as part of the Premium Beardcare Set. I gave my beard a wash using their beard shampoo, gave it a brush and opened up the 50ml balm. Without checking I went to plunge my finger into the balm and ‘BANG’ it’s rock […]