5 beard oils that are worth pending money on

5 Beard Oils That Are Worth Spending Money on

It is indisputable that nothing looks more epic than a well-groomed full beard. This, however, requires a lot of patience and even more knowledge about the methods and products you should use in the process. While the price can sometimes be an indicator of oil’s quality, keep in mind that a man’s skin is like a fingerprint ‒ every single one is completely unique. This means that sometimes you can find a $15 oil more to your liking than its $30 counterpart. With this in mind, here are five oils (in different price ranges) that are definitely worth spending money on.

Beard Lab ‘The Scientist’ Beard Oil

beard lab

When speaking about low-cost, high-end oils, it is inevitable to mention Beard Lab ‘The Scientist’ Beard Oil. The first thing that sets this particular product apart is a fact that it is made exclusively from natural ingredients. This means that in the long run, it is highly improbable that this oil will make any damage to your skin. Apart from these long-term beneficial properties for your skin, the scent of this oil is absolutely amazing. The best way to describe it would be to compare it to the sweet, enchanting smell of Turkish delight. The most obvious effect you will feel is that your beard will be soft even hours after you apply it.

Fit for Vikings ‘Ljón Lion’ Beard Oil

fir for vikings

To carry on with a bit more expensive oil, we must mention the Fit for Vikings ‘Ljón Lion’. For those who always wanted to go with an oil that top-notch barbers all over the world use, this is your chance. Furthermore, the amazing scent of grapefruit, rosewood and patchouli is bound to follow you the entire day. Although this oil costs twice as much as the Beard Lab ‘The Scientist’, keep in mind that a part of the profits from this particular oil goes to the Lions Barber Collective organizations that help raise awareness about the prevention of suicide.

‘Spicer’ Beard oil from Beardpilot beardpilot

For those who want to feel the smell of cinnamon in their beard oil, going with ‘Spicer’ Beard oil is a fail-proof idea. Apart from cinnamon, this amazing oil also contains hints of lemon and orange, giving it a beautiful sour-sweet scent of citrus. In case you are a fan of heavier beard-oils, this should definitely be one of your go-to choices. Those people who regularly expose their beard to extreme weather conditions, like rain or snow, should definitely consider protecting their beard with this incredible coating. Still, for such an amazing mixture, no review is necessary. Its rewards speak for themselves.

Risu – Viridian Green risu

Of course, some people are much more interested in refreshing rather than spicy fragrances. For them, Risu – Viridian Green might be just what they are looking for. Two main scents of this peculiar oil are rosemary and basil, which will give you an impression of smelling like a spruce forest covered in early morning dew. Its ingredients are completely natural. Apart from the aforementioned rosemary and basil, here you can also find apricot oil, sunflower oil and argan kernel oil. Overall, not an experience you want to miss out on.

Burly Fellow: Lime and Mint Beard Oil
burly fellow

Last, but in no way least important comes Burly Fellow: Lime and Mint beard oil. The aromas of this oil are completely unique and already listed in its name, which makes any description attempts completely redundant. It is beyond doubt that this is one of the finest oils ever made, but another thing that sets it apart is its peculiar bottle with a cork. Overall, this oil may be a bit more expensive, but I was lucky enough to get it on a discount through Shave Rave.


In the end, it all comes down to your skin type and your personal preferences. However, going with any of the above-listed options will definitely not be a choice you will ever come to regret. Care properly for your beard and it is bound to start giving back.


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