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5 Bachelor Party Dos & Don’ts

Your friend stopped hanging out with the boys because of a girl and decided to tie the knot? What can you do? Well, you can throw him an unforgettable bachelor party, of course. Just because he’s found the love of his life, that doesn’t mean that he’s completely forgotten about his wolf pack. He just has to prioritize his time because, unfortunately, a day lasts only 24 hours.

If you’re his best man, then you should know that that is an honor, and you should be proud of that fact. Unfortunately, the best man is usually the party planner, and if you’re not really a person who’s good with that, then this article is for you. Let’s take a look at some relevant bachelor party dos and don’ts.

The night before the wedding is a bad choice

If you want your friend to have the best night of his life and enjoy it to the fullest, don’t organize the bachelor party for the night before the wedding. Unless you want to get into a situation like that one in the movie Hangover, set a date for the party at least a week before the wedding ceremony. His future wife definitely doesn’t want to see her husband red-eyed and hungover on their wedding day.

Careful with that booze, Eugene

There simply cannot be a bachelor party without an ocean of alcohol. You want your friend’s bachelor party to be one of those parties that everyone will remember (unless they’ve drunk too much), and let’s be honest, if the story starts with “During that bachelor party, I drank milk like Lucky Luke and…”, it’s probably a bad one.

We men are simple creatures. We like sitting with our mates and drinking beer. But, we men also often don’t know when we’ve had enough. There’s always that one guy who can always drink just one more beer or just one more shot.

In order to avoid any unpleasant situations, start the party slow – with light cocktails and beers, and always keep an eye out on the groom. He needs to be tipsy, not drunk.

Forget about the stripper

Your dad probably told you that hiring a stripper is a must. After all, that’s what he did for his best mate. What your dad doesn’t know is that times change. We’re no longer living in the eighties. Strippers and fanny packs are the things of the past.

In order to keep things classy, and to keep the spirit of all bachelor parties alive, it’s better to hire beautiful Sydney Topless Waitresses. That way, the groom won’t feel uncomfortable like he’s cheating on his future wife with a stripper. After all, these girls are waitresses, right? No one has to know that they are walking around topless.

Pick the right venue

Nothing tires and sobers up people like taking long walks to the next location where you’ll be drinking and dancing. Find the perfect venues near the place where you’ll drink before you hit the town and make reservations if possible.

If you plan on visiting several locations, then you might consider hiring a chauffeur. That’s much better than having a designated driver because it’s a bachelor party, not just a regular night in the town with the boys, and everyone wants to be in on it.

Keep your wolf pack entertained

If someone is sleeping on a sofa and not on the breasts of some anonymous girl you met at a bar, you’re doing something very wrong. Keep all your buddies entertained and energized at all times. This doesn’t mean that you should talk with them or dance around them at all times. Sneak a cocktail made with Red Bull into everyone’s hands from time to time to keep them energized.

The groom is the most important person, and no matter how tempting it might be, don’t run off with a cute girl you’ve just met at the bar. Be there for your friend, make him feel special, and he’ll never forget what you did for him.

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