PainXit - TENS machine from designed2enable

PainXit – TENS machine from designed2enable

I have been sent a PainXit – TENS machine from designed2enable, simply put it is a portable TENS device to help combat pain. I have a full size TENS machine and I have used it for many years, it doesn’t help with all of my pain but I know when it is likely to help and when it isn’t. I also have a similar pen device that contains a piezo crystal and delivers a shock when you click the button but I have never found […]

Mr Sunnah 'Black Pepper' Beard Oil

Review: Mr Sunnah ‘Black Pepper’ Beard Oil

Like the previous beard oils from this brand Mr Sunnah ‘Black Pepper’ Beard Oil has a thicker consistency than many beard oils. I have tested a few beard oils that have contained black pepper essential oil, at first I was very unsure but black pepper is actually very nice, its warm and of course it goes without saying, it’s peppery! The Mr Sunnah ‘Black Pepper’ Beard Oil doesn’t have a real deep warmth but does have that peppery element to it which is a shame. […]

Mr Sunnah 'Vanilla' Beard Oil

Review: Mr Sunnah ‘Vanilla’ Beard Oil

Mr Sunnah ‘Vanilla’ Beard Oil is a thicker than normal beard oil with a sweet subtle vanilla scent. A heavier beard oil will give more control to your beard and so will be beneficial if your beard has those stray hairs that try to always make you look untidy. The base is Jojoba, Sweet Almond and Castor carrier oils and its the Castor oil that is what gives this oil a thicker consistency. I can’t decide what exactly is there in the scent, it is […]

Debonair for Men Beard Oils

Review: Debonair for Men Beard Oils

A while back I started to test the Debonair for Men Beard Oils but developed an unbearable itch and soon realised that it was an allergic reaction not to the base but because they used fragrance oils not natural essential oils. And so I asked Kevin Jackson who I know through ‘Guardians of the Beard’ Facebook group to review them for me. I was asked to review a set of five beard oils from Debonair for Men. The five oils are all labelled Debonair for […]

NZ Sock Co 'LifeSocks' from Designed2Enable

Review: NZ Sock Co ‘LifeSocks’ from designed2enable

I have been sent some NZ Sock Co ‘LifeSocks’ from designed2enable that promote healthy circulation. I know the circulation in my legs is bad, but I have never really tried anything to help and I hate the white NHS compression socks/stockings which also hurt after wearing them for any length of time. I am also not a sock person, in fact when I did that walking trick, I loved to be bare foot as much of the time as I could. Since the NZ Sock […]

Stress to a spoonie is like poison!

Stress to a spoonie is like poison!

I don’t cope with stress very well, in fact I am really bad at it and it literally makes me physically unwell, I have ME and Stress to a spoonie is like poison!   Okay first things first, I know that most of you will know what a ‘Spoonie’ is, it’s basically a label that many people who suffer chronic health give themselves and it is based on the Spoon Theory that Christine Miserandino used to explain her health situation to a friend, you can […]

Mr Sunnah 'Sandalwood & Frankincense' Beard Oil

Review: Mr Sunnah ‘Sandalwood & Frankincense’ Beard Oil

Mr Sunnah ‘Sandalwood & Frankincense’ Beard Oil has a nice thick consistency which you don’t often get in beard oils, I actually like a heavier beard oil as it keeps my beard looking tidier. I received four oils for test and review but I just had to use the Sandalwood & Frankincense beard oil first, I love both of those scents and so I hoped the combination would be a winner. The scent is in fact very nicely blended, the Sandalwood is the first scent […]

Wholly Kaw 'Bare Naked' Beard Oil

Review: Wholly Kaw ‘Bare Naked’ Beard Oil

It’s not often that something different comes along in the beard care world, but Wholly Kaw ‘Bare Naked’ Beard Oil is exactly that, it’s different. Most beard oils are made up from a mix of carrier oils and then into that essential oils are blended to create the scent. Wholly Kaw has used something called plant esters that are found naturally in plants and are structurally similar to cholesterol and I can honestly say that it works well in beard oil. Wholly Kaw ‘Bare Naked’ […]

Mr Sunnah Wooden Beard Combs

Review: Mr Sunnah Wooden Beard Combs

I was sent three wooden beard combs from Mr Sunnah who sells beard oil and combs, it’s okay you’re not imagining things, yes I have written a review before for these combs but I was contacted by Mr Sunnah and informed that they weren’t as described and so I have had to start again. The combs were originally advertised as Sandalwood combs and that isn’t correct and so the review has been deleted and I thought it should be mentioned. First up we have the […]

Purpose Beard Balm

Review: Purpose Beard Balm

Purpose Beard Balm is a fairly new beard care product and if you frequent Instagram, then you may have noticed the launch campaign where Purpose sent out hundreds of free samples to people who subscribed to their website. Now I guess this can either be a good idea or a bad idea, if the product is a winner then those guys will be beating down your door wanting more, however if it’s not great then guys who might have bought some, will now steer clear […]